Past Events

ProductCampRTPTM Spring 2017

You are invited to our ProductCampRTP Spring Event ProductCampRTP™.

2017 Keynote speaker: Marshall is a serial entrepreneur, father of four teenagers, Founder of, Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at NCSU, Author of more than a dozen books, Host of the National Geographic show “Factory Floor”, Entrepreneur, Futurist, Speaker, Consultant, Mentor.

His presentation at RTP180 was hilarious! Learn more about him at

We will have a great day of networking, exploring how to get the most from these events, and defining topics for future meetings.

The event is on Saturday, April 22th from 8:30-5:00PM.

Please RSVP to the event.

Thank you so much and we hope to see you there!!


Saturday — April 22, 2017
*** LOCATION ***
KnowledgeTree Inc.
3210 Hillsborough St,
Raleigh, NC 27607


ProductCampRTP 2015 Unconference

Fall Meeting | Thursday, September 17, 2015

None of us is as strong as all of us.

But we won’t all fit in a conference room. Who do we invite to join our team?

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but our success in business is dependent on our ability to find opportunities to use our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.

This program is designed to help you find the people you need to be a success.

When: Thursday — September 17, 2015
5:30 pm – 9:30pm
*** LOCATION ***
CREE-Bldg 16,
4408 Silicon Dr.
Durham. NC 27703


ProductCampRTP 2014 UnConference

Fall Meeting | Tuesday, September 23, 2014 from 6–9 pm

Introvert? Extravert?  Each of us approaches networking in a different way. To truly succeed in today’s workplace or job market we must master networking with both introverts and extraverts.  Join us at this ProductCampRTP special event for insight and practical experience to become a better networker in your company, to help you find resources, or to help land that next job.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to be a master at networking. Learn from two of Raleigh’s finest networking experts: Nate Brown and Heather Hollick.


Re-inventing the Mundane: The Cree Light Bulb Story
Mark McClear, LC, BSEE, MBA
Vice President, Applications Engineering, Cree LED Components
Cree, Inc.

Happy Hour | Thursday – Nov 7, 2013

Join us at Carolina Ale House in Brier Creek on Nov 7 from 6 to 8PM. This is your opportunity to network with peers from marketing, product marketing and product management.


ProductCampRTP 2013 UnConference

Saturday May 18th, 2013 Innovation is the key to our economic growth. But what is the value of innovation if you can’t bring a product to market? This years “unconference” brings internationally recognized speakers together with local thought leaders to help you bring your best ideas to market. Keynotes:

  • Nitin Pradhan President & CEO of Launch Dream, LLC. Former CIO of US Dept. of Transportation (live via video conferencing)
  • Armistead Sapp Senior VP of Business Intelligence R&D and P20 at SAS

(Click to learn more about our keynote speakers)



Registration Desk Opens at 8am


Conference Introduction at 9 am
Presidents Presentation, thank sponsors
Keynote: Nitin Pradhan, Launch Dream, LLC, Former CIO of US Dept of Transportation, (Live via GotoMeeting)


Session 1 speakers
A short course on generating good requirements – Andy Roth
Steve Johnson on product management – Steve Johnson, Under 10 Consulting
The Gamification of Corporate America – Troy Knight, Building 25 (a Vaco company)
Session 2 speakers
Building an app from the ground up – a product manager’s perspective – Chris Moody
SCRUM Product Ownership – Bob Galen, RGCG
Open Innovation in Product Development – Ravi Mulukutla, PhD

Lunch Buffet

Donated by Bella Monica


Session 3 speakers
Personas and Scenarios – Claire-Juliette Beale, Innovate/2/market
Food for Thought: Lessons learned getting a new gluten free pizza to 1500 stores. – Trevor Chambers, Bella Monica FlatBread Company
Session 4 speakers
Digital Marketing 404 — so you’ve put up a website w/Google Analytics & social media widgets — now what? – Dean Peters, McClatchy Interactive
Creating Poetryslam Magnetic Word Game – The Product Development Journey. – Marty Smith, Atlantic BT
Segmentation in Product Marketing/ Product Development – Aaron Terry, BCBSNC


Keynote: Armistead Sapp, SVP of SAS
Participant Retrospective


Conference ends at 5 pm

 For specific times, click here (Click to learn more about our session speakers)

ProductCampRTP Happy Hour April 25, 2013

Anticipaton brewed. May 18th was too far away. We had to meet. So we did. Pcampers met at the Carolina Ale House Brier Creek.

ProductCampRTP Strategic Planning Session, October 6th, 2012

Mission Statement and Board of Directors were established and subsequently voted upon on-line.

ProductCampRTP Happy Hour August 16, 2012

Pcampers met at the Carolina Ale House Brier Creek, 7981 Skyland Ridge Parkway, Raleigh for networking and to learn more about ProductCamp and to meet other like-minded people in the RTP area.


ProductCampRTP June 16, 2012

This half-day session included interactive activities and learning designed to improve ProductCampRTP. Participants learned about “serious games” for qualitative market research and problem solving using collaborative play.

ProductCampRTP 2012 games:

  • Product Box – Create the product box for the ProductCampRTP that you want to attend. (Alternative – Create the product box for the Product Management tool that you want to buy.)
  • Prune the Product Tree – Answer the question “What features do you want to see from ProductCampRTP?”
  • Speed Boat – Answer the questions “What is preventing product managers and product marketing managers from being the best they can be?” (the anchors) and “What can help product managers and product marketing managers be more effective?” (the boat engines)
  • Spider Web (unfacilitated) – “How does ProductCampRTP fit in the RTP community?”

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