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The 6 WHYS Attend ProductCampRTPTM

  1. Network with Product experts and expand your professional community.  Some of the most valuable time at the conference is the time you spend talking to your neighbors.

  2. Learn new skills that you can put to use the very next business day.  Learn from those who have been there, and done that.

  3. Hear from Product thought leaders that can inform the way you build the product management culture in your organization.

  4. It’s FREE!  There are many conferences available but they can be costly.  There is no management approval needed for ProductCampRTPTM!

  5. 2-Feet Rule – Should you find yourself in a session that doesn’t apply to your department or organization, use your two feet and move to a different session – No issues, No embarrassment, No questions asked.

  6. Land your next dream role.