What is ProductCampRTPTM?

ProductCampRTPTM provides a venue to learn best practices in product marketing and development and build the product development community through networking. ProductCampRTP offers fun, laid-back un-conferences and gatherings where participants share skills and knowledge. ProductCampRTP’s biggest event is in April featuring an all-day un-conference.  A second forum is held in the fall and is usually an evening event. ProductCampRTP schedules one or two social events in between the two education sessions.


How did ProductCamps originate?

ProductCamps are based on the concept of BarCamps, the first of which was held in Palo Alto, California in 2005. It’s a reference to the hacker slang term, foobar. BarCamp arose as a tongue-in-cheek spin-off of Foo Camp, an annual invitation-only, participant-driven conference hosted by open source publishing luminary Tim O’Reilly. Where FooCamp was by invitation only, BarCamp would be democratic and open to all. BarCamps have been held in more than 350 cities around the world, and even virtually over the Internet.

The first ProductCamp (aka P-CAMP) was held on March 15, 2008 in Mountain View, California. Word-of-mouth spread fast about this “un-conference” (no registration fee, no agenda, no selling) and about 170 people showed up on a Saturday to discuss topics of interest to product managers, product marketers and a host of related roles.

Following this event, many participants commented via blogs, wikis, and tweets. The idea went viral, and several other cities started ProductCamps of their own. Austin was first out of the gate with others following over subsequent months in 2008, 2009 and into 2010.

Given the proliferation of ProductCamps, we thought it would be useful to summarize some best practices and hopefully these guidelines will help you organize or participate in an un-conference in your local area.


Why Attend ProductCamp?

Has your travel budget been cut? Do you want to learn from peers outside your company? Are you looking for informal ways to “meet-and-greet” others? Do you presenting or leading round table discussions on timely industry topics? Are you unemployed or under-employed, and want to increase your network? Do you want to meet others who are passionate about product management and marketing? If the answer is “yes” to any of these, you should participate in ProductCamp!