We forget what we don’t use very quickly.  To cement our investment in learning, we need to apply it as soon as possible.

Introducing the ProductCampRTP Social Innovation Challenge

For 10 years, ProductCampRTP, a team of dedicated volunteers and a host of generous sponsors been investing in our innovation community.

Instead of paying us back, we would rather you put your learning to some good use and pay it forward.

We asked attendees of our event identified many problems impacting our society.  The community we live, work and play could use your help solving some vexing problems affecting society as a whole.

In our innovation exercise, lets roll up our sleeves and see what creative solutions you can create to one of the follow challenges your fellow attendees identified:
(attendees will select the most valuable solution.  Members of the winning team will win valuable prices)



Access to healthcare
Alzheimer’s and other Dementias – Find a cause and a treatment for self-sufficient independent living of humans afflicted with these diseases.
Effectiveness and efficiency of health care, as opposed to simply cost cutting
End hunger (people with food allergies have a greater challenge)
Food insecurity
Health Care Management
Bring 1 sq. meal on everyone’s plate
Help MBA students with finding their way into product management
Opioid crisis


Advancing Youth Leadership
Creating more visible superstars.
Cross-generational mentoring, we currently suck at it from both sides.
Equal access to quality education
Finding a better way to link public schools to private citizens capable and able to teach the next generation about business and how to be successful in the business world.
Technology Inequality
Many Americans have poor money mgmt skills and habits.


Ensuring that clean, safe available water for everyone and sustainable farming
Prevent high noise levels in the community
reducing waste/use of plastics and increase composting, recycling
we lack a plan for effective public transportation
Simplify the recycling system

Quality of life

Use technology to increase human interaction rather than promote isolation


Affordable housing
housing for the poor

Community building

Helping Veterans be successful.


I would create jobs for homeless people or people with special needs
Job market: DOL says there are more jobs open than unemployed people, yet people struggle to secure jobs, fear to lose the ones they don’t like and therefore live unhappy. The process is broken and should be fixed.
The right education for better jobs
Ways to help people find good employment