Remember, be certain to bring a driver’s license or other valid ID.

8 am         Open Registration/networking                        (security/ Dining room)

9:00 am    Conference begins

9:20 am    Introductions                                                                         (Edison 1,2,3)

9:25 am     President Remarks

9:30 am     Keynote introduction

9:35 am     Keynote  – Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo e-Commerce, Ajit Sivadasan

10:25 am    ProductCampRTP Team Intro, Session remarks and logistics

10:40 am    Session 1

Not An Afterthought: Interweaving Measurement Into User Stories

John Cutler

Edison 1
Agile beyond software

Davidson Wicker

Edison 2
From Ideas to Action: An Intrapreneur’s Guide to Thriving in the Enterprise

  K. Melissa Kennedy

Edison 3
Product Managers as Creative and Innovative Leaders

Victoria Kumar



11:30 am    Lunch  & Networking                                    (Cafe)


1:00 pm     Session 2

How to Think Strategically

   Greg Hopper

Edison 1
Product Managers and Customer Success Managers
– How to scale the Voice of the Customer to Optimize your Roadmap

Alix Harris

Edison 2
Disruption of the Traditional Management Model and Impact on Innovation Management

Jeff Groh

Edison 3
Adobe Digital Storytelling Session

Gunes Yucel



2:00 pm    Session 3

How to be market-driven when your company is customer-driven

Joel Meyer

Edison 1

MVP, Product-Market Fit, Whole Product? Coming up with practical answers.

Steve Stover

Edison 2
Product Owner’s Kanban: I put that sh*t on everything!

Cory Bryan

Edison 3
Applying Big Data to Know – Exactly – Now.

  Finbar Gallagher


3:00 pm
    Innovation Exercise                                 (Dining area)

4:00 pm     Exercise presentations                             

4:30 pm    Retrospective                                   

4:50 pm    Close