ProductCampRTP 7th Annual Conference

Innovate or die!  But how do you innovate as a sole entrepreneur or as part of a large company?  How do we take chances when failure can devastate our career or our company?  Join local and international thought leaders as we explore and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul of the innovator.

The all day conference on April 11th brings together innovators, product designers, developers, managers and marketers to help you navigate the perilous path from ideation to commercialization.

Whether you are looking to spark new ideas, make new connections and find ways to bring existing ones to market, this conference is worth its weight in gold.

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Former President Global Manufacturing & Supply GlaxoSmithKline, Dr. David Pulman, slated to keynote ProductCampRTP Annual Conference.

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 Saturday, April 11th

*** NEW Location ***

CREE-Bldg 16,
4408 Silicon Dr.
Durham. NC 27703